Transport Managers CPC- Online


• Online multimedia course with 6 experienced instructors delivering classes ‘face to face’ 300+ days a year.
• 2000+ live sessions each year (sessions range from 60 – 120 mins)
• Multiple zoom lessons each week, increasing towards examination date
• Courses offered cover mornings, afternoons, evenings as well as Saturdays & Sundays
• Online courses based upon methodology that has seen us grow to being the Uk’s largest trainer of transport managers
• Attend as many sessions as you like in the order that suits you.
• Online Question bank of 1000 multiple choice questions– sit as many practice tests as you like
• Bespoke manual.
• A5 Keyfacts quick reference guide
• Student Guide covering Syllabus & Exam Technique
• Book of model answers to all past case study papers from the past 20 sittings
• Online library of examiners comments and feedback from past 20 sittings
• Voiced over presentations of all subjects to watch at your leisure
• Vimeo library of past tutorials
• Email support and marking of questions
• Mock Exam Days
• Subject specific tutorial support groups
• One to One Review Sessions


Transport Managers CPC- Online


Transport Managers CPC- Online

Road Haulage- Full Course Prep and Exams Included

Start: November 30, 2020 8:00am

End: January 31, 2021 4:00pm


Broad Street, Glasgow G40 2QR, UK

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