DGSA Requirements

Council Directives 96/35/EC and 2000/18/EC – and the EU Framework Directives for ADR and RID respectively – required Member States to implement legislation to ensure that certain undertakings which transport dangerous goods by road, rail and inland waterway, including the transport related activities of loading and unloading, appoint dangerous goods safety advisers (DGSAs).

DGSAs need to have obtained a vocational training certificate (VTC), after undergoing training and successfully completing a written examination approved by the Competent Authority of a Member State. VTCs are mutually recognised in all EU Member States and in any non-EU States which are signatories to RID or ADR.

Why us?

Our bespoke training course is structured to guide candidates from ‘zero knowledge’ to ‘very confident’ within the initial 4 day course.


Our approach is simple & delivers results

DGSA training is not about learning and remembering facts because all the knowledge and facts are in the books you take into the exam.

Our task is to explain to you how the books work and develop your ability to approach any situation with confidence.

It’s all about giving you the skills to understand what the examiner is asking for and then to logically retrieve the answer from the manuals.

Telephone directories used to be thicker than ADR manuals but once the structure was understood and with a little practice the general public managed to use them to extract the information they required!

Admittedly, the information contained within the ADR books is a little more complex.

Our job as trainers is to make you feel as comfortable finding out how a chemical should be classified, packaged, labelled and transported as you would be looking up the number for a local restaurant!

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